British Council

Branding and marketing material for the Creative Future entrepreneurship awards. This award is given to the entrepreneur with the most innovative business idea in India. UMS created the complete branding as well as information book, invites and posters for Creative Future. The Yellow butterfly has been used as a metaphor for creativity and innovation. The branding design uses futuristic pixel-style graphics fused with Indian motifs. Yellow and black have been boldly contrasted to generate movement and excitement. The design uses crafty trompe l’oeil devices to send across the message and create Marketing items that were memorable and ultimately of collectible value. This project challenged both design and printing and fabrication limits. On the souvenir book cover the butterfly has been made to pop-up using origami architecture and almost looks as if it is ready to take off in flight! On the inner page there are 20 butterfly wings which have been die-cut into the pages, on lifting the wing the picture of the 20 finalists for the awards and their names are revealed.