British Council

A branding program was created for the first international conference on social entrepreneurship in India. This included designing an collectible “Artists book”. The concept is GROWTH and TRANSFORMATION. The design uses Indian Iconography in a contemporary context. The organic motif starts from a small green dot in the centre of the book. This green dot represents a small seed sown by a social entrepreneur. This green dot also represents the bindu’ or the ‘origin of creation’ in Indian thought. The organic motif is printed on several pages and concentric circles are cut into the pages. This forms a tunnel book structure giving it 3-D depth. The hand drawn mandala-like organic growth motif is the main visual element. This organic motif represents the grassroots work social entrepreneurs do. Its mandala like structure and pattern expands outwards showing growth and positive radiance. This mandala concept is derived from Indian iconography. The design uses stark black and green color palette for visual impact. As the pages in the book are turned the organic pattern grows thus indicating transformation and ‘social change’. The book is printed on handmade paper stock and using only one pantone color for a handmade effect. This book has won a best of show Platinum Award in the Creativity Annual Awards.